Monday, October 20, 2008

Bee log.

It's kind of unfair to this blog that the more busy we are and the more exciting things are, the less we post on it. So where did we leave off?

We wrapped up our tour with HORSE the band and Heavy Heavy Low Low and then played our 2 shows in one night extravaganza in Visalia. We drove 34 hours home and got a phone call in Oklahoma asking us to tour in December with Ra Ra Riot, which we said yes to. Rested for two days and then drove up to Chicago to play a secret show with Death Cab For Cutie, which was in front of the most people we had ever played to at that point in our lives. Hung out for a day in Chicago (and ate incredible egg sandwiches made by our old friend Corey Smale, who insisted that I blog about his egg sandwiches), then drove down to Champaign, IL for an intense show at the University of Illinois Assembly Hall (which looks like a spaceship from Independence Day). The show was also with Death Cab For Cutie, and is now the most people we've ever played to because there were 4 more people at this show than the first one. Drove back home, hung out for 3 days and then played a local show with We Versus the Shark and Pegasuses XL. Home for two more days (I saw Broken Social Scene, woo!), then drove to Columbus, OH and played with Shark and Pegasuses again. Now I'm in the kitchen of Logan from i Against the tower, standing while typing because all the outlets in the couch room are two-pronged instead of three, surrounded by Peanut, an adorable cat that's in heat and is making us all very very aware of it. Driving to Pittsburgh to play with our good friends One For The Team and hopefully hanging out in a cargo net underneath a bridge (again).

So that's all. What's new with you?


Mark said...

nothing's new, still waiting for your new CD haha

Bisa said...

Yeah, whatever happened to this CD? Also, I just saw the youtube video of Ryan drunkenly singing to Limp Bizkit and I think that 1: I want to party with you guys next time you're in Chicago and 2: Ryan should sing that song as filler material during shows.

Elisssssabeth said...

this was written on the nytimes cmj blogger thing. and i laughed because i thought of ryan's post a while ago:

Overheard at the Fader Fort, a stiflingly crowded, makeshift party/ performance zone:

“Who’s playing? Crystal something?”

“Crystal Antlers?”

“No. Crystal Castles?”

“No. I think it’s Crystal Stilts.”

“Yeah, Crystal Stilts. ‘Crystal’ is the new ‘wolf.’”

YAKI said...

BSS is so amazing live.
Did you get to see do make say think as well?

kg said...

The U of I show was great!
I loved you guys.


Anonymous said...