Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things of potential interest

It's the third and final study period here at Gateway Medical Research. I'm listening to music and trying to pretend that looking at the same websites from 5-9 AM is still interesting. I decided last week to start my itunes at A and just let it go. It took me a day and a half to get to the B section. I'm currently on Cursive's Domestica, which still rules. Outside of my headphone world, the steady routine of blood draws and movies is commencing. On the overhead projector screen, Jim Carrey is incapable of lying.

We played the Riverfront Times Music Showcase on Sunday. Other than the extremely difficult heat and the equipment issues (it's hard to see those little red lights on your guitar pedals when the sun is shining on them), we had a good time. At least Say Panther and Target Market were excellent.

Here are some links:
Video interview of SMD from the festival with a short live clip
Pictures from our set at the festival
Little article Chris Walla wrote about us for a British music site
Death Cab performance on Minnesota Public Radio. About 8 minutes into this, they start talking about SMD and our lab-rat tendencies. It's cute!


Christin said...

Ack, I just listened to the Minnesota Public Radio bit! Please don't go crazy and kill each other in the dark. I've heard of cool studies where they put people in underground bunkers for weeks at a time to see what their natural sleep schedule works out to when they have no sense of time reference, but I think those people were allowed to have the lights on and off as they pleased, all the videos and reading material they wanted, et cetera. Six days in darkness sounds like torture--will you be in isolation, too?

Kyle said...

At least it wasn't pouring down rain like last year...

Anonymous said...