Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting there

Last night I mailed off the disc containing the files for our last (and longest) song to the mastering people. They'll get started on that later this week. When they are done the actual music that will eventually get burned onto cds and/or pressed onto vinyl will be complete, just shy of a year in the making.

This is really funny:


Christin said...

Hahaha, Whirlyball is the best. game. ever. The company I work for does Whirlyball afternoons a few times a year. I didn't realize that our Whirlyball place was a chain, but it must be, because the one Death Cab is in has the exact same paint job, colors, court scheme, et cetera, as ours--the only difference is ours says "Atlanta, GA." Do you guys play?

Tobias said...

Whirlyball is indeed the best thing ever. Best Whirlyball moment: A dude tried making a line drive down the center and he got intercepted on both sides by the dudes from Big Business. Classic.

Sam Pura said...

What's really funny is I wiki'ed whirlyball and found out

"It has been reported that Kid Rock spent an alleged $1.2 million to install a state of the art Whirly Ball facility in his 800 acre compound in a northern Detroit suburb"

Anonymous said...