Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh Ontario, Oh Jennifer Jason Leigh.

I just saw a mouse. It was small and gray and adorable, and it was hauling ass to not get eaten by a cat. I was able to assist in its release, opening the door so it could scamper out. We are staying with Rajiv, a member of the Toronto band Oh No Forest Fires that we played with last night and will be playing with twice more before we leave this bizzaro country. We got across the border painlessly.

Today we play two shows, an early one in Hamilton with An Albatross (who we have always wanted to play with, but now we have to bail out before their set) and one in Guelph (which we know nothing about other than it's a "party town" and has a fun name to say. Say it with me: Guelph). All of the shows we're playing in Canada are in Ontario, are an hour apart, and were booked by a dude named Eric Warner who deserves more high fives and bro-hugs than we're able to give him. We are also going to try to hit up at least one brewery tour in Ontario.

Time to go out to the van, which we know we parked where it shouldn't be. We also know that if we get a ticket they're not going to pursue us all the way into another country for a $15 parking fine. At the same time, we could have been towed right now. Wish me luck!