Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dukka dukka boop boop boop. Dukka dukka boop boop boop.

We practiced the other day and it felt good. For all living together and loving what we do, we still sometimes view band practice as an obligation. This makes sense, because sometimes it is just that, and sometimes it's anything but fun. But for the first time in a while, picking up our instruments and playing them together in our own home was an extension of hanging out.

There were two main reasons for practicing:

A. We have a show tonight at the City Museum in St. Louis. It's a benefit-type show for KDHX, the local community radio station. Basically, we haven't played in town in a while and we didn't want to suck.

B. Norm and I are currently holed up in a large white room at the Gateway Medical Research facility in St. Charles, MO being labrats and watching terrible movies. As I type this, The Mummy (starring Brendan Fraser, one of the greatest comedic voices of our time [try saying this sentence out loud without cracking up ((hint: you can't, it's completely impossible))]) is playing a little too loudly over the house speakers. Earlier we were subjected to Ladder 49 (simply terrible), Spiderman 2 (entertaining at points, but in general a bad movie), and Shade (huh?), but at least we got to see The Wedding Singer and Coming To America.


It seems like the first track we've posted from our record, "New Bones" is going over well. People have been saying nice things, and that always puts a smile on our collective faces. That song is a bit of a departure for us, but we're insanely proud of it and we're glad that other folks are into it as well. If you haven't heard it yet, you can check it on our Myspace page.

ALSO, there's a new self-indulgent article in my series about being a dude in a band on Crawdaddy magazine.


Christin said...

Why all the mediocre movies? Are you guys in some sort of sleep deprivation study?

Repeat, repeat: You've gotta get an RSS feed for your Crawdaddy column. If Crawdaddy won't set one up for you, would you like me to look into doing it?

Elisssssabeth said...

um. comparing kansas' flatness to steve reich compositions? yes.

Anonymous said...