Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I can't believe it! I actually get to post something about our record on our recording blog!

So, there was a bit of drama a bit ago. Our record took longer to track than it should have. Also, Walla had a little bit of border-crossing trouble that involved his hard drive getting detained between Canada and USA. Luckily, our files were all safe as it wasn't the hard drive with our recordings, but it just added to the delay of getting ours finished. All of this got compounded when Chris started working on the new Death Cab record (so selfish, right?). So it became apparant that we'd need extra help to get our album finished.

With that said, i'm very glad to announce that Alex Newport will be mixing some of the record. We're big fans of work he's done, he's personally responsible for one of my favorite records (In/Casino/Out by At The Drive-In), and when we met him in New York it just all made sense. So yes, Chris Walla will be doing some mixes and Alex Newport will be doing some mixes and we will be giving each other a lot of high fives as the end of our album is in sight!

We'll let you know who's putting it out when we have any idea at all.


Sean said...

have you got anyone in mind to do the album artwork? I'm a big fan of you guys, plus do graphic design, mostly for small bands. Would love to help ya out!

Sean said...

might help if you guys could check out my stuff, huh? www.d-cay.com

I mostly get stuck working with crazy/heavy bands, but I assure you that I'm capable of designing outside those genres... just haven't had to me opportunities to do so yet.

Anonymous said...