Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lazy blogging = catch up

Here is a quick summary of the last few days:

WEDNESDAY: very fun house show in Blacksburg, VA, barbecue restaurant in Greensboro with intense mural of space jesus*, bag of Laffy Taffy, most quiet dance party ever (sleeping roommate), first failed attempt to get guitar center to replace cracked-ass cymbal for free.

THURSDAY: new Radiohead record, un-fun bar show in Washington DC, realization that just because some of your favorite bands are from a place doesn't make that place cool, Motel 6.

FRIDAY: Chinese restaurant, mostly fun warehouse show in Leymoyne, PA, being chiller whales at a parent house, second failed attempt to get guitar center to replace cracked-ass cymbal for free.

Today we go to Pittsburgh to play a house show and visit some friends. It shall be a good time.

*space jesus is a mysteriously inappropriate mural of a view of earth and the moon from outer space, with a gigantic translucent face of jesus in between the two. There is one lone tear coming from space jesus's eye. This is, of course, how floods and hurricanes happen.


(tall) Chris said...

I have to agree with you about DC; let me also throw Portland on that list.

mdiamond said...

yo, what's up with the lone asterisk? mysterious.

Gentleman Auction House said...

that's really weird - the first night we got here we played a really bad bar gig here in DC

we all wished that we could have made it out to your show the other night - if we had been mixing it would have been possible, but since we were still tracking, and are already behind, we just couldn't make it out

very much looking forward to the christmas show


Anonymous said...