Friday, January 11, 2008

I get up, I get down

In the past five months making a record has gone from something that we worked on for 10 to 12 hours a day to more of a weird abstract, some distant idea that will come to fruition eventually but is still far off and totally intangible. After deciding to cut a song and write another this sense of disconnect only increased (especially since I heard about it from a friend and later got the details from the f-ing internet. WTF, I know, right?).

But that's boring and old news. This week has brought us significantly closer to the completion of our record.

On Wednesday we finished writing what will be our 10th and final song on the record. With Close to the Edge by Yes in mind, we churned out our longest song yet (ever?).On Thursday the disc containing the 9 mastered songs arrived in the mail. Although nothing is confirmed, plans are being made to record this last track. Once it is recorded, mixed, and mastered our record will be D-O-N-E!

Of course there is much more to it (artwork, finding someone to release it, etc....) and there are surely more stalls and road blocks ahead, but for the first time the idea of our record being complete seems very real and very close.

In the meantime I've got plenty of things to keep me occupied:
- Barak Obama's presidential campaign
- upcoming Spring tour
- In Rainbows discbox
- Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
- an enormous stack of books that's been piling up for about a year and a half.

I am pretty excited.