Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Foam Residency week 1

From October 27, 2011

Tonight, after the Cardinals and Rangers duke out World Series Game 6 at Busch Stadium, a wonderful gathering of good natured, intelligent, socially conscious St Louis-ans are going to rally!!! No, I'm not talking about Occupy Stl. I'm talking about fans of Black Spade, and So Many Dynamos. Anyone who's had a conversation with a member of SMD in the past year has probably had to listen to us gush about the absurd talent of Veto Money. Hold on a second, Veto Money? Yup, Black Spade's legal birth name is Veto Money! And that's not even why we love him! Mostly, we love his music, and his good company. But we're also addicted to performing with him. He has the rare gift of ALWAYS making a musical situation better. It's not uncommon to see us giddy as school children when it's time for Veto's verse, or when he delivers a melody in a way none of us could ever have ever expected. Every time we play together we learn something, and this of course co-insides with the entire idea of playing a residency in St Louis. We are hungry to learn, to get better, to take some chances, and most importantly to have fun! Tonight also marks the first of a series of shows with guest Dynamo performer Joe Winters on Percussion.


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Veto Money?? Really?? I wrote several custom essays about Veto Money. Have you heard anything new about him recently?

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